How do I check/update the firmware version of my MG20 Wireless Gaming Headphones?

Updating your Firmware

If you haven't already, please install the "M&D Connect" app on your mobile device.


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Once downloaded, see if your headphones are recognized by the app. They must be paired to your phone.

The app will inform you if an update is available, as long as your headphones are sufficiently charged.

To see the latest firmware changes for your MG20 Wireless Gaming Headphones, visit the changelog. 


Checking your Firmware Version

To check the firmware version of your MG20 Wireless Gaming Headphones, first tap the name of your headphones.


If you need a firmware update - the app will automatically prompt you at this point, otherwise, you will see "Your headphones are up to date". To determine exactly what firmware version you are on for support purposes, or change other settings of your product, tap the "Cog" Icon at the top right of the application.


On the bottom of your application, you will see your M&D Connect Application version as well as the firmware version of your MG20 Wireless Gaming Headphones, which is highlighted in the yellow box below: