How do I perform a factory reset on my MW65 Headphones?

There are two types of resets to perform when troubleshooting issues with your MW65 Headphones. Each one addresses a separate set of potential problems. Identify the correct one for your needs and follow the instructions in the menu tabs below.

Factory Reset Hardware Reset
Connectivity issues
Pairing issues
Audio issues
FW not updating
Reset headphone firmware to default factory settings
Headphone buttons not responding
Headphone stuck in pairing mode
LED lights won't turn off
Headphones won't respond to a factory reset
Factory Reset Hardware Reset

To perform a product reset on your MW65 Headphones:

  1. Press and hold the ANC button
  2. Continue to hold the ANC button and slide the Power/Pairing switch to the Bluetooth position for at least five seconds
  3. The LED lights should flash red and white four times to indicate the headphones have been reset.