What do I do if the battery level indicators on my MW08 Sport True Wireless Earphones case are not lighting up?

First, make sure your case is fully charged.

  1. To charge your case via wired charging, plug the USB-C cable into the right side of the case, and the other end into a power source
  2. To charge wirelessly, center your earphone charging case on a wireless charging pad with the LEDs facing upwards
  3. If the case does not appear to be charging, check to make sure the cable is secure, and try another cable/charging source, if possible.
  4. If the case still does not charge, please see this article.

Next, make sure the earphones are placed properly inside the charging case - the "L" represents placement for the left earphone and the "R" for the right earphone

Make sure the charging pads on the earphones and the charging pins in the case are clear. You can use a damp cotton swab or cloth to lightly clean the pins and charging contacts

If the earphones still have battery life, but the charging case battery is depleted when the earphones are placed inside the case and the lid is closed, the indicator lights will not illuminate to display the battery level status