How do I adjust the fit of my MW08 Sport True Wireless Earphones?

Your earphones come with two ear tip options, silicone and foam, in multiple sizes.

When you open your earphones, the medium silicone ear tips will be attached.

Choose your preference of silicone or foam ear tips that form a seal with your ear canal. Silicone tips are durable and easy to clean, while foam tips offer a more secure fit and superior sound isolation.

Our custom round ear tips are designed in conjunction with the oval nozzle shape to provide a superior universal fit. Squeeze the ear tip to match its orientation to the nozzle and then press the ear tip against the nozzle to attach.

To insert your earphones while using foam ear tips, gently compress the foam ear tip using your fingers and insert it into your ear. Hold the earphones in place until the foam fully expands and forms a seal with your ear canal.