How do I charge my MW08 Sport True Wireless Earphones?

Your MW08 Sport True Wireless Earphones come with their own charging case.

To charge the case via wired charging, plug the USB-C cable into the right side of your case and plug the other end into a power source. Your earphones come with a USB-C to USB-A adapter.

To charge your case via wireless charging, center your MW08 Sport earphone case on a wireless charging pad with the LEDs facing upwards. The MW08 Sport earphone case is compatible with our MC100 and MC300 Wireless Charge Pads (sold separately).

Your earphones will charge to full in around 45 minutes in the case.

The case itself will charge to full in about 60 minutes while plugged in via wired charging, and about 100 minutes via wireless charging. While the case is charging, the battery status will be indicated by the LEDs on the case. The battery status will also be displayed when opening / closing the lid while the case is off the charger.

A green light indicates that the battery is between 70 and 100% charged, amber indicates 30 to 69%, and red indicates 1-29%. If the center battery indicator flashes red or does not display at all, the case battery has been depleted.


Your earphones can maintain up to 12 hours of playtime at a full charge and the charging case can hold an additional 30 hours of charge for your earphones. Note that using ANC or multipoint will reduce the expected battery life.

We suggest placing your earphones inside the charging case when not in use. This will allow them to have the maximum charge each time you begin using them.