How do I charge my MW08 True Wireless Earphones?

Your MW08 True Wireless Earphones  will arrive with the battery partially charged.

The battery level will be displayed on the case when opening / closing the lid. A green light indicates that the battery is between 70 and 100% charged, amber indicates 30 to 69%, and red indicates 1-29%. If the center battery indicator flashes red or does not display at all, the case battery has been depleted.


To charge your case, plug the USB-C cable into the right side of the case and plug the other end into a power source. Your earphones come with a USB-C to USB-A adapter in the event that you do not have a USB-C power source.

Your earphones charge fully after 45 minutes in the case. Your case charges to 50% in 15 minutes, and 100% in 60 minutes. You can charge your case using the included USB-C cable.

When fully charged, your MW08 earphones hold up to 12 hours of listening time, and the case holds an additional 30 hours of charge for a total of up to 42 total hours of listening time. Please note that using ANC and multipoint will decrease the expected battery life per charge.

There are 3 lights on the case that represent the charge of your left ear bud (on the left), the case (in the center), and the right earbud (on the right). There are three colors to represent charge levels as mentioned above.