How do I clean and maintain my MW09 True Wireless Earphones?

To clean the earphones, use a microfiber cloth. Do not use alcohol or other cleaning substances on the product. Do not drop, sit on, or allow the earphones to be exposed to water, moisture, or temperature extremes. Your earphones are IP54 water resistance rated. Your charging case is IPX4 rated.

Over time, the proximity sensor that helps regulate pause/play functions may become dirty and affect performance. If this happens, take a damp Q-tip or damp cloth and lightly rub the sensor.


It is recommended that you return your earphones to their storage case when not in use. Always return your earphones to their charging case within 72 hours to minimize potential battery life degradation.

Operate and store this product within the temperature range of -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C) only. Charge the battery where the temperature is between 41°F and 104°F (5°C and 40°C) only.


Replacement parts and cables can be purchased at: