What are EQ settings & how can I change them?

EQ (equalization) settings allow you to emphasize different frequencies according to personal preference.

Your MW75 headphones currently support a Bass Boost to emphasize bass frequencies, a Bass Cut to emphasize treble frequencies, a Podcast EQ to emphasize vocals and mid-range sounds, and an Audiophile EQ inspired by a popular target curve to emphasize mid and treble frequencies. 

EQ settings will apply when playing content such as music, movies, etc. through either Bluetooth or digital USB audio. EQ settings will not apply to phone calls, video calls, or other communications received or sent. 

You can adjust the EQ settings on your MW75 headphones by connecting to the M&D Connect mobile app. Within the app, you can select EQ presets that best fit your preferences.  


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NOTE: MW75 should be connected to your phone in the Bluetooth® menu settings prior to using the M&D Connect app.