How do I pair my MW75 Headphones to more than one device?

Multipoint is the ability to connect your headphones to two devices at one time.

When using multipoint, audio content will automatically switch between devices and phone calls will interrupt active content.  

To access the multipoint function:

  1. Enter pairing by pressing and holding the power/pairing button and connect to the first device
  2. Enter pairing mode again and  the first device will disconnect 
  3. Connect the second device in the same manner
  4. Power the headphones OFF completely
  5. Power your headphones back ON and they will automatically connect to both devices simultaneously.  
  6. To switch between the two connections, pause playback on one device and play from the other.

NOTE: you can manually activate pairing mode by holding the Power/Pairing button for 4 seconds until the indicator light pulses and the pairing tone is heard. This can be done when the headphones are ON or OFF. Access the Bluetooth menu on your device and select M&D MW75. Hold the button again to cancel pairing mode