How do I adjust the fit of my MW09 True Wireless Earphones?

Your earphones come with the medium silicone ear tips attached.

Choose the ear tips that form a seal with your ear canal. Our custom round ear tips are designed in conjunction with the oval nozzle shape to provide a superior universal fit. Squeeze the ear tip to match its orientation to the nozzle and then press the ear tip against the nozzle to attach.

Tip: to ensure a secure fit, download the M&D Connect App and perform a Fit Test.


To insert your silicone ear tips, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Tilt the earphone forward with the ear tip resting lightly in your ear canal.

STEP 2: Rotate the earphone down until the ear tip forms a seal with your ear canal.



To insert your earphones using foam ear tips:

STEP 1: Gently compress the foam ear tip using your fingers

STEP 2: Insert it into your ear.

STEP 3: Hold the earphones in place until the foam fully expands and forms a seal with your ear canal.