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  • How do I check/update the firmware version?

    If you haven't already, please install the "M&D Connect" app on your mobile device 

    Once installed, connect to your headphones in the “M&D Connect” app  

    The app will inform you if an update is available. Firmware updates require headphones to be charged to 60% or higher.


    Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play Tencent




  • How do I remove/replace the ear pads?

    The ear pads for your MW75 headphones are connected via magnets.  

    To remove, gently pull the ear pad off the headphone.  

    To attach, line up the ear pads with the ear cups. The magnets will help pull and lock the ear pads into place. 


  • How do I clean and maintain my MW75?

    Clean ear pads and headphones with a soft, slightly damp cloth.  

    Be careful not to soak, submerge, or allow moisture to enter near the drivers or cable jacks. 

    Return your headphones to their storage pouch when not in use.  


     To avoid damage, do not store other items in the headphone pouch along with your headphones.