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  • How do I pair my MH40 Wireless Gen 2 Headphones to more than one device?
    To enable multipoint, first enter pairing mode and connect to the first device. Once the first device is connected, enter pairing mode again - the first device will disconnect. Now connect to the second device and power OFF your headphones. Turn the headphones back ON and they will automatically connect to both the first and second devices simultaneously.  

    To switch between devices when connected with multipoint, simply pause playback on the first device and resume audio from the second - the headphones will swap to the device actively playing audio.


    Over time, your headphones will accumulate a list of devices and may take longer to pair than anticipated. A factory reset can help speed up this process by forgetting the list of previously connected devices.

  • How is Sound Isolation different from Noise Cancellation?
    Sound isolation is a passive, physical method of reducing external noise that uses optimized materials to reduce the ambient noise that enters through your headphones.
    Noise cancellation is an active, electronic method of reducing unwanted ambient sound that adds processed sound to your audio to reduce the perception of ambient noise.
    Our MH40 Wireless Gen 2 Headphones achieve very high ambient noise reduction through passive sound isolation techniques.
  • What are wired audio modes and how do I use them?

    Wired Audio (Analog):

    Plug the Provided USB-C to 3.5mm cable into the headphone USB-C input to engage analog wired audio.


    Your headphones will power off when the audio cable is plugged in. Analog wired audio will work even if battery is depleted. Note that the microphone and buttons are disabled during passive (analog) mode.


    Wired Audio (Digital):

    Plug the provided USB-C to USB-C cable into the headphone USB-C input to engage digital usb wired audio up to 24-bit / 96kHz. Headphones will automatically power on if the device supports digital audio



    The microphone will work for phone calls when plugged in. 


    Only Master & Dynamic audio cables are compatible with MH40 Wireless Gen2.