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  • How do I power on my MW50+ Headphones?

    To turn on your MW50+ Headphones, slide the power switch to the middle position.

    Each time you power on your headphones, the battery status will be displayed.

    To recall the battery status once the LED stops displaying, slide the switch to the Bluetooth position for no more than two seconds

  • How do I charge my MW50+ Headphones?

    To charge your MW50+ headphones, plug the USB-C connector into your headphones and into a USB port or appropriate power source to begin charging.

    Your headphones will power off while charging.

    A solid orange LED indicates the headphones are charging. The LED will turn green when the headphones are fully charged.

  • What do the different buttons and switches on my MW50+ Headphones do?

  • How do I pair my MW50+ Headphones to my device?

    To pair your MW50+ headphones to a device, slide the power/pairing switch to the Bluetooth position and hold it for at least two seconds.

    The LED will pulse when the headphones are in pairing mode.

    Open the Bluetooth® menu on your device  

    From the available devices, select M&D MW50+

    A solid LED will indicate the connection has been successful.

    If no connection is made after two minutes, the headphones will enter sleep mode. Cycle the power switch to wake the headphones.

    The MW50+ Headphones are multipoint compatible, meaning they can connect to more than one device at a time.


  • How do I adjust the fit of my MW50+ Headphones?

    To provide a roomier fit, simply pull up on the headband. Press down if you're looking for a more snug fit.   

    You can rotate the ear cups inward or outward for comfort around the neck. 

    CAUTION: Incorrectly rotating or over rotating the ear cups can damage the headphones.