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  • How do I power on my MH40 Wireless Gen 2 Headphones?
    Press Power/Pairing button once to power ON/OFF. (Note: Battery level will be displayed at startup via the battery indicator LED.)

    When you first open your new headphones, and before listening, please be sure to charge them for at least 15 minutes and download the M&D Connect App to check for firmware updates.
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    To conserve battery power, headphones will power OFF after 30 minutes of inactivity. This setting can be adjusted in the M&D Connect app.
  • How do I pair my MH40 Wireless Gen 2 Headphones?
    The first time you power ON your headphones they will enter pairing mode.
    Connect through the Bluetooth menu on your device and select M&D MH40W.

    To manually activate pairing mode, hold Power/Pairing button for 4 seconds.

    The MH40 Wireless Headphones are multipoint compatible, meaning they can connect to more than one device at a time.


    Over time, your headphones will accumulate a list of devices and may take longer to pair than anticipated. A factory reset can help speed up this process by forgetting the list of previously connected devices.

  • How do I charge my MH40 Wireless Gen 2 Headphones?

    To charge, plug in the USB-C Connector and connect to a power supply.



    When the USB cable is connected the LED will indicate the charging status with an orange light indicating the headphones are actively charging, and a green light indicating the headphones are fully charged.


    Please note: you can still use the headphones via Bluetooth while charging

  • What do the different buttons on my MH40 Wireless Gen 2 Headphones do?
    Your MH40 Wireless Headphones come with several features that can be controlled using the buttons and switches on the outside of each ear cup.MH40w-3.png
  • How do I adjust the fit of my MH40 Wireless Gen 2 Headphones?
    The MH40 Wireless headphones adjust at the post connected to the ear cups for optimal fit. 
    To provide a roomier fit, simply pull up on the headband.
    Press down if you're looking for a more snug fit.  
    You can rotate the ear cups inward or outward for comfort around the neck. 



    Incorrectly rotating or over rotating the ear cups can damage the headphones.