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  • How do I power on my MW75 Headphones?

    To power your headphones on or off, press the Power/Pairing button once. 


    The battery level of your headphones will be displayed at startup by the battery indicator light.

    • Green – High battery level
    • Orange – Medium battery level
    • Red – Low battery level

  • How do I charge my MW75?

    To charge your MW75 headphones, please use the provided USB-C to USB-C cable to plug your headphones into a device (such as a laptop or to an outlet, using an appropriate adapter). 




    Your MW75 provides up to 32 hours of battery life, or up to 28 hours with ANC enabled. 

  • How do I pair my MW75 to my device?

    The first time you power your headphones ON they will enter pairing mode.

    Open the Bluetooth® menu on your device  

    From the available devices, select M&D MW75  

    To manually activate pairing mode, hold the Power/Pairing button for 3 or more seconds.  

    This can be done when the headphones are ON or OFF.  


    Hold the button again to cancel pairing mode. 

    The MW75 headphones are multipoint compatible, meaning they can connect to more than one device at a time.


  • How do I adjust the fit of my MW75 headphones? 

    To provide a roomier fit, simply pull up on the headband. Press down if you're looking for a more snug fit.  



    You can rotate the ear cups inward or outward for comfort around the neck.




    CAUTION: Incorrectly rotating or over rotating the ear cups can damage the headphones.