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  • What do the different buttons and switches on my MW60 Headphones do?



  • How do I pair my MW60 Headphones to my device?

    To pair your headphones to a Bluetooth device, hold the power switch in the Bluetooth position for at least two seconds.

    The light will pulse to indicate the headphones have been placed into pairing mode.


    Once in pairing mode, access the Bluetooth settings on your source device and locate "MW60" - tap to connect. A solid light on the headphones indicate that they have connected successfully.

    Note that if the connection is not successful, your headphones will enter sleep mode after one minute. Cycle the power switch to awaken the headphones.


  • How do I adjust the fit of my MW60 Headphones?

    Your MW60 headphones adjust at the ear cup post for optimal fit - pull up to loosen the fit, push down to tighten.


    The ear cups of your headphones also rotate for more comfort when worn around the neck. MW60 can be folded for storage and portability.