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  • How do I power on my MW65 Headphones?

    To power your MW65 Headphones ON, slide the Power/Pairing switch to the ON position.


  • How do I charge my MW65 Headphones?

    To charge your MW65 Headphones, plug in the USB-C Connector and connect to a USB-C port (or USB-A port using the included adaptor).


    When plugged in, the charging indicator will display either an orange LED to indicate that the headphones are charging or a green LED to indicate that the headphones are fully charged.

    mw65 battery.png

    Note: Your headphones will power off while charging.

  • What do the different buttons and switches on my MW65 Headphones do?

    Your MW65 Headphones come with several features that can be controlled using the buttons and switches on the outside of each ear cup.


    Left Ear Cup Controls:



    Right Ear Cup Controls:



  • How do I pair my MW65 Headphones to my device?

    To pair your MW65 Headphones, first hold the power/pairing switch in the Bluetooth position for 2 or more seconds until the white light pulses - this indicates that the headphones are in pairing mode. Release the switch.


    Open the Bluetooth® menu on your device                                                                             

    From the available devices, select M&D MW65

    Once the pairing light stops pulsing and becomes solid, the headphones are connected.


    The MW65 Headphones are multipoint compatible, meaning they can connect to more than one device at a time.


  • How do I adjust the fit of my MW65 Headphones?

    To provide a roomier fit, simply pull up on the headband. Press down if you're looking for a more snug fit.  


    You can rotate the ear cups inward or outward for comfort around the neck.