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  • Where do I place my MA770 speaker?

    Always use two hands when moving the speaker into place.   

    Recommended Placement for a Single Unit 

  • How do I setup my MA770 speaker?

    When connecting/reconnecting the speaker to a power source, the four SOURCE button lights will fast pulse as the speaker powers up.  Once the flashing ceases, proceed with setup/use.  After startup, the speaker will slow pulse on the CAST light indicating the speaker is ready for use.   


    The speaker will remain on and ready for user wherever it's connected to a power source.  There is no need to turn your speaker on or off.  


    To use Bluetooth or the analog inputs, press the SOURCE button to select your desired source.  If you are unable to change the source from CAST, please reach out to customer service for further information.   


    When the speaker's source is set to BT, the volume of the speaker is synced to that of the user's mobile device.   


  • Depreciated Features

    Google Cast had a platform update on January 7, 2022 rendering some added features inoperable as they require an update that is incompatible to the MA770 unit itself. Master & Dynamic's MA770 Wireless Speaker product is currently discontinued and further updates to Google Home since January 2022 have rendered all features related to Chromecast Built-in and Wi-Fi Connectivity inoperable.  This update also rendered the stereo pairing feature inoperable.    Unfortunately, Master & Dynamic does not have control over 3rd party services choosing to update their technology platforms in a way that is no longer compatible with the MA770 speaker. 


    If you have any questions or need any additional support on this subject, please submit a ticket, and one of our representatives will be able to assist you further.