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  • What types of mobile devices are compatible with MA770?

    Certain variants of MA770 still support Bluetooth connectivity.   


    iOS and Android devices with the latest software can be used with your speaker using Bluetooth.  If you are experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues or cannot change the source from CAST, please reach out to customer service for further information. 

  • How do I begin streaming music?

    Certain variants of MA770 still support Bluetooth connectivity.   


    To play music via Bluetooth, first select BT as the speaker's source.  Once selected, the BT light will pulse indicating it is ready to pair.  Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device and then select the speaker as the device to complete the pairing.  The BT light will remain lit once the pairing is complete.  Press Play in your preferred music streaming application.   


    - VOL 
+ VOL 


    Note:  The speaker's source must be set to BT in order for it to be discoverable within the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device.  The speaker and your mobile device will not auto connect.   

  • How do I use the analog inputs?

    The speaker has an Auxiliary Analog Audio and TOSLINK Optical Audio inputs, which are compatible with devices that have similar auxiliary and optical outputs.   




    If the speaker is muted in a wired connection source, the AUX or OPT light will slow pulse.